Raspberry Pi Colocation

Your Pi in an exclusive colocation: Decentralized edge data centers operated in Europe and powered by green energy.

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The Pi Colocation

This is the decentralized colocation where your Pi will be installed.
Our own edge data centers are located inside wind turbines and solar parks in Europe.

Our specially developed Edge Rack with air conditioning in one of our wind turbines.

From the top: The Edge Rack in one of our wind turbines. We also offer solar parks as colocation.

A full 3U with Pis that are already being operated in our colocation by different customers.

Your Pi in our rack. Custom 3U rack mount, which is manufactured by 3D printing.

There is room for up to 12 Pis per 3U, which can optionally be connected to a USB SSD.

Example Rack. Some of the Pis are connected to a customers USB SSD, installed in the base of the rack.

We operate our own infrastructure and are not only experts for Raspberry Pi colcoations. We also offer HPC computing and CPU instances based on Raspberries.

Plans and Pricing

The lowest prices for a Pi colocation in Europe. And our top seller with an unbeatable feature that no other provider offers: Operate your Pi with your own USB SSD for maximum flexibility!

Pi Only

per month

Perfect if you want to operate a single Raspberry Pi.

  • Deployed in Germany
  • EU privacy
  • Green energy
  • Unlimited traffic
  • No setup fee

Pi and SSD

per month

Send your Pi along with your USB SSD.

  • Deployed in Germany
  • EU privacy
  • Green energy
  • Unlimited traffic
  • No setup fee
  • With your USB SSD attached
  • Maximum flexibility for you



Want to operate a bunch of Raspberries? Contact us!

  • Deployed in Germany
  • EU privacy
  • Green energy
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Let´s talk. Anything is possible.


All the features for every single Raspberry Pi.

Send with SSD
Maximum flexibility.

With a Pi you can realize a lot of projects. Even more is possible if an external hard drive can be used in addition to the memory card. With "Pi and SSD" it is possible that you send your Pi together with an external USB SSD to us and operate it. For example, you can run a full Bitcoin Node, which would not be possible without an external SSD.

Cheapest Pi colocation in Europe. The world?

Feel free to look around for other providers. Prices range from $5 to $20 per month for a Pi colocation. With us it's only $3.99 per month. And if you want to run your Pi with an additional USB SSD, it's only $5.99. Your Pi will be deployed on our own infrastructure with green energy in decentralized data centers. How awesome is that?

Green Energy
Exclusively renewable energy.

Other providers say that all the time, too. But with us, it's not certificates or any kind of trickery. We operate our own edge data centers inside renewable energy plants. So directly in the foot of a wind turbine or in a container on the solar park. And if direct generation is not possible, we buy real green energy on the electricity exchange.

Own edge data centers in Europe.

We don't rent rack space in any data center. We operate our own data centers. And they are decentralized. Your Pi is installed and operated in the edge data center you select when booking. We currently operate several locations throughout Germany. In the future, there will be more and more, all over Europe.

No Setup Fee
Although we have to drive to the data center.

Decentralization means that our data centers are located all over the continent. But that's not your problem. We believe in a decentralized future and you don't have to pay extra for that. Even if classic Pi colocations in centralized data centers charge a fee. We'll take care of that for you.

Unlimited Traffic
It's 2021 after all.

Traffic limits for a Raspberry Pi would be ridiculous. Therefore our promise: Any traffic with your Pi is unlimited and will be. But please note: To ensure that every Pi at our decentralized locations always has enough network throughput, the uplink and downlink is fixed at 10 Mbps.

Simple Setup
Three steps and your Pi is online.

Book your desired Pi colocation, configure the Pi according to our specifications and send it to our headquarters. We will notify you as soon as your Pi is online.

EU Privacy
Only colocations in Europe. Therefore EU law.

We like privacy. Therefore, we only consider locations in Europe that are part of the EU and comply with applicable EU law.

Ready for Your First Colocation?

Order today and operate your Pi with the lowest prices in Europe. Powered by green energy. Decentralized.

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Frequently asked questions and answers as well as further information about our Pi Colocation.

No. There are no hidden fees with us. No traffic limits, no setup fees and the maximum term for a colocation is only six months.

Please note: The exchange of defective hardware, whether the complete Pi, the SD card or other parts, is associated with a fee. This is because an enormous amount of manual effort is required. You will have to pay $19.99 per exchange.

It's 2021. We don't have a traffic limit for a Raspberry Pi.

The data rate is synchronously set to 10 Mbit/s per Raspberry.

Please send your Pi without an enclosure in any case. We install the Pi in specially designed rack mounts inside the server rack. If you send your Pi e.g. with a plastic enclosure, enclosure with fans or heat sinks, these must be disassembled and if necessary disposed of, otherwise an installation in our data centers is not possible.

You can choose the location of the edge data center and your colocation during the booking process.

We recommend SD cards for long-term use, e.g. Transcend High Endurance (Gold) or SanDisk Max Endurance. We have a lot of experience with Raspberries in many operational areas and what we can say in any case: If you buy cheap, you buy twice. Please note that the replacement of defective devices is subject to a fee.

Absolutely. Note that the power supply should have at least 3.0A / 5.1V power. It must be CE certified and support DC power. If you have chosen the package "Pi and SSD", the output may have to be higher. Of course, the power cable, e.g. a USB to USB-C for the Pi 4, must be sent with the power supply.

You can send us any Raspberry Pi.

If you choose the "Pi and SSD" package, you can send a 2.5" USB SSD with USB cable. Please note that we can only install USB SSDs, i.e. SSDs without an extra power supply. For long-term use, we also recommend that you do not rely on the cheapest SSD model. Please inform yourself about the durability and the maximum read/write operations of the hard drive.

We use open source technologies exclusively. We pass on the license cost savings directly to our customers. In addition, a Raspberry Pi requires very little power, space and maintenance.

If you have booked the colocation, you will find all the necessary information on your administration page. For example, how to configure your Pi, to which address you should send the package or what kind of SD cards we recommend for long-term use.

For more Infos please see here and here.

Once we receive your package and have checked the contents (at least the Pi, SD card and power supply), we will immediately drive to the edge data center and install your Pi in the colocation. This can take up to 48 hours after receiving your package, depending on the day of the week and location.

You will be notified by email when your Pi is online.